Saturday, February 21, 2009

Live and Learn

I was so excited to meet so many different people at meca this year. The presentations were incredible, each one offereing ways to better reach our students. That is, after all what it is all about right? Will Richardson was amazing. He was incredible in his presentation on the justifications for why technology should be embraced in education. Like him I truly beleive it is one answer to getting our students re-engaged in education. Let's face it....we are not marketing a product that is in high demand. We must take what we have to offer and package it in a manner that students will be receptive to accepting. Technology provides us with this opportunity. Blogging, and Podcasting are things that our students are doing in their everyday lives. Why not integrate that into the lesson and make the material we are presenting them with more meaningful and relevant. This seemed to be the common thread at meca. As always it is great to come together with like minded people to discuss and discover new ways of accomplishing our goals.