Monday, June 29, 2009

A Digital Locker full of 21st Century Tools

Above is a cool blog site that I just copied because it was in the favorites. I do not think it has anything to do with the actual workshop I am in now, so I guess I should probably focus on that. This presentation pertains to google applications and how to ustilize them effectively in your district. This website is the presenters web site that she listed for us. I will revisit that later to see what is offered there. The presenters offered two blogsites which are , and Both of which will be investigated at a later date as well.
The rest of the session focused on tools offered through google such as google docs, google sites, google videos, etc. I currently use all of these and find them to be very useful. These applications provide students with real time collaboration opportunities. They allow students to author and edit their own work as well as provide real time feed back on the work of other students. The provides an avenue for a student driven classroom where the students take real ownership of their work, thereby keeping them engaged and excited about the material they are learning. Just to clarify google docs provide a collaborative suite of office like applications. There is a presentation app, a spreadsheet app, and a word like app, to name a few. Overall the presenter did a decent job, but the only new item I learned was how to create a form, which I found to be very useful. 
In a manner of wayside learning I was reminded of what I consider to be a good resource. This resource was Another site mentioned in this session that I also like is A couple of sites that I discovered that I was not aware of are, and I can see all of these becoming very useful in the future.
The session was good and I look forward to other such sessions in the upcoming days. 

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